Membership At The Hub

The Hub has a limited number of fulltime and part time memberships available for people who are building technology businesses. Our membership approach, culture and programs are all geared to support that mission. We eat, sleep and breath technology, and we speak the same language: building startups and creating great products.

A futuristic Digital Hub and AI Lab located in a beautiful beachside village in Queensland, is a rather unusual phenomenon and it has attracted an unusually talented cohort of startup founders, technologists and digital specialists who call it their home away from home. Many of these folks moved to the Coast in recent years to access the incredible lifestyle on offer, without trading off their ambition to do great work or build high growth startups.

A Day at the Hub

On any given day, you can take a 5 minute stroll to grab a coffee in beautiful Peregian Beach Village with new friends you just made, one of whom has a hot new AI startup while the other recently exited a 10 year overnight success and is building again. You return to sit in on the Hub's weekly Edge Exchange program where you hear an in-depth talk about user onboarding, from a former Uber design lead who now sits opposite you.

The next day you might grab lunch with a new Hub mate at one of over 10 awesome restaurants and eateries in the Village: Award-winning sushi, health food bar, Mexican, Moroccan, French, Thai and more. The Hub's unique location lets you slap on the sunscreen and take a run with colleagues along 10km of pristine beaches, just 50m away then cool off with a swim and shower.

You'll regularly see a crowd gathering to attend one of the top class digital industry events hosted at the Hub's brand new AI Lab, for technologists, digital creatives, screen professionals, startup founders, and investors. And each week you'll see a throng of enthusiastic young technlogists and creatives coming to learn, code, make and design in our after school and holiday programs.

On Fridays, you head down to the Peregian Beach Hotel to join 30 other Hub members and guests for the weekly pub-lunch, making new friends and adding valuable new contacts.

  • A Supportive Environment to Help You Grow
    • Fabulous Peers
    • Valuable Programs
    • Weekly Edge Exchange program
    • Regular AI workshops
    • Make new friends
    • Impressive mentors
  • Activities That Put Fun Back Into Work
    • Weekly hub lunch at the pub
    • Regular bbq's on the deck
    • Annual xmas party on the Catalina
    • Beach drinks with families
    • Regular tech founders dinner
  • World Class Facilities

    With the launch of our new AI Lab in 2023,the Hub has truly world class facilities with everything you could possibly need to build a great company. Our Wonder Pod hosts top notch digital industry events every other day. Our video and podcasting studios have broadcast quality equipment and support specialists on tap. Our collaboration pods have interactive whiteboards, integrated video conferencing and more. Oh, and gigabit internet, sit-stand desks and ergo chairs.

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Is this for me?

The Hub is a curated space, specifically designed to suit companies that are building tech products. By tech products we mean software - not just a website for a regular type business but a digital product that has the potential for high gross margins and the kind of scale that can contribute to tech job growth in the region.

Is it a co-working space?

No. If you are not building a tech company but you are looking for a co-working space - there are many great places in Noosa that have fantastic offerings available. Please click here for a list.

How does Hub membership work?

The Hub offers two monthly membership plans. The Bootstrapper membership plan is a full-time monthly membership that suits tech founders and their teams who want a dedicated space to base themselves. The Flex membership plan suits tech professionals who need to split their time between working at the Hub and working at home or travelling.

As a curated space, the Hub reserves the right to select applicants, at its sole discretion, that it considers would best benefit from, and contribute to, the tech entrepreneurial environment and fellow members.

The Perfect Environment for Builders

Best connectivity on the Sunshine Coast. Gigabit fibre. Optional private, dedicated network access. Wifi & ethernet access throughout.

In-residence entrepreneurial support for members, with connections to network of world-class mentors & partners.

24/7 secure building access with entry/exit security camera system. Private secure access to individual leased areas.

Meeting room facilities with AV for members' free (fair) use. Breakout areas and outdoor, undercover seating for calls.

Hub car parking, bike racks and end of trip facilities. Bus stop conveniently located outside front entrance.

Amazing food/drink options within 400m of Hub: coffee shops, Bakeries, Sushi, IGA Deli, Pizza, Seafood, Thai & Mexican.

Barception area for making your favourite brew & meeting your guests. Fridge, kitchenette & canteen for meals and meetings.

Friendly, fun & supportive culture: pub lunch Fridays, runs on the beach, bbq's on the deck, weekly member presentations

World class AI Lab facility with high tech auditorium (100pax), video & podcasting studios, board room, meeting spaces and more.


What will you build at the Hub?

Membership Options

Bootstrapper Membership

Per Month, AUD.

Apply for Membership
  • Full-time membership
  • Dedicated Sit-stand Desk
  • Unlimited use
  • 24/7 Access
  • Gigabit internet
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Access to Hub programs
Flex Memebrship

Per Month, AUD.

Apply for Membership
  • Part-time membership
  • Hot Desk
  • 7 days per month
  • 24/7 Access
  • Gigabit internet
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Access to Hub programs

Frequently Asked Questions

By applying am I locked into anything?

No. We don't collect payment details at this stage. You can withdraw your application at any time if you need to.

Is the Bootstrapper Membership open to small teams?

Yes, the membership is suitable for tech teams of up to 4 people with discounts offered for multiple memberships.

How are applications assessed?

The assessment process reflects the Bootstrapper membership offering with criteria including tech industry fit, potential contribution to other Hub tenants and the talent development program as well as plans for growth.

How does payment work?

Memberships are billed monthly, in advance, via credit card.

Where can I find out more about the membership terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are displayed as part of the membership sign up process.