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Inspiring & Accelerating Young Talent

At the Hub we've learnt that talented young people are capable of extraordinary things. We've come to believe that learning is non-linear. Eg, a smart, self-motivated 14-year-old with the good support & the right opportunities can be capable of learning university level content and doing professional-level work.

The Hub’s Cadetship program is about exactly that: non-linear learning for smart-self-motivated young people with unique opportunities to stretch themselves doing professional-level work. It offers talented students the opportunity to develop skills in some of the most sought after areas of technology and industry: Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics.

The program aims to inspire cadets to follow these exciting vocational pathways by offering them the chance to learn and earn.

They learn hands-on skills through classes taught by experts and they get to demonstrate those skills by working on intellectually-challenging projects. They earn through paid internship opportunities and by teaching others what they’ve learned.


At every opportunity we try to give Cadets exposure to how world class technologists, companies and teams work. In that sense, the teaching & learning is more University than school and the doing is be more like working in a software company than being in school.

A weekly after-school class taught by technical experts at the Peregian Digital Hub

Holiday and one-off workshops taught by industry experts and visiting mentors

Excursions to learn from teams working on Mechatronics and AI in industry partners

Work on challenging projects that show off your skills to potential employers & universities

Learn on-the-job skills through work experience placements with the Hub's partner companies

Earn from paid work projects with Hub partners and pick up valuable professional experience


Who is it for?

This program is particularly suited to students with an affinity for mathematics and statistics who enjoy the challenge of solving problems through equations and formulas.

To get the full benefit of the program, cadets will need to exhibit commitment, self-directed learning, a collaborative mindset and the professionalism to be entrusted with work experience and project opportunities with our partner companies.


The cadetship consists of a weekly after-school session featuring programming classes, guest workshops and excursions to partner companies.

Cadets get to work on portfolio projects, learn valuable skills, collaborate online, get work experience placements and paid internships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Cadetship is heavily subsidised by the Peregian Digital Hub, Noosa Council and our corporate partners. There is a nominal fee to participate of $50 per term.

How long does it go for?

The Hub's Cadetship runs from Term 3, 2020 through to end of Term 4 2021.

How do I get selected?
Potential cadets come across our radar via:
  • Participation in our holiday and afterschool programs
  • Nomination of exceptional students by our school partners
  • Direct contact from parents who can demonstrate that their child has a deep interest in the areas covered in our cadetship, through work they are doing on their own passion projects or relevant extra-curricular activities, eg Coderdojo.
What concepts will be covered in the AI Cadetship?
  • Computer science fundamentals
  • Data science
  • Models and Training
  • Data cleansing and labelling
  • Neural Networks
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Inference and classification
  • Computer Vision
What skills will I learn in the AI Cadetship?
  • Python programming
  • Using the Command Line & an IDE
  • Numpy, Pytorch & Tensorflow
  • Jupyter / Google Colab Notebooks
  • Online collaboration
  • Source control using Git
  • Model creation, testing & deployment
  • Data manipulation