A Day at the Hub

Kick off your day with your favourite cuppa from our on-site barista and riff on ideas with a brilliant co-worker at our Co-Op bar. That's before you've tapped into the gigabit internet at your sit-stand desk and taken a Zoom call in our private meeting rooms.

Take a 5 minute stroll to beautiful Peregian Beach Village and grab lunch with a colleague at one of over 10 awesome restaurants and eateries. Award-winning sushi, health food bar, Indian, French, Thai and one of the best pubs on the Coast.

The Hub's unique location lets you slap on the sunscreen and take a run with colleagues along 10km of pristine beaches, just 50m away then cool off with a swim and shower.

Get connected to industry colleagues through the packed calendar of top class events hosted at the Hub's Co-Lab for technologists, digital creatives, storytellers, entrepreneurs, dj/producers and young talent.

Full-time and flexible membership options available for startups, technologists and digital businesses. Apply now or tell a friend who would benefit from being at the Hub.

How does it work?

The Hub offers two monthly Co-work membership plans aimed at people who are running, or working for, a technology company that is building a team in Noosa. These memberships plans suit people seeking entrepreneurial support to grow their company, with the Hub team and fellow members providing mentoring, connections to investors and helping them find talent.

The Bootstrapper membership plan is a full-time monthly membership that suits people who want a dedicated space to base themselves. The Flex membership plan suits people who need to split their time between working at the Hub and working at home or travelling.

Is this for me?

Our aim is to build a culture of fun, creativity and collaboration at the Hub and the early members will play a critical role in setting the tone. We are therefore keen to have members who can make contributions that benefit other tenants as well as the young talent we develop through the Hub's programs.

The Hub, itself, is in startup mode and as an early member you'll be part of its evolution over the next few months as we develop it into a world class environment for technology talent.

Bootstrapper Membership

$450.00 Per Month, AUD excl GST. Introductory
  • Full-time monthly membership
  • Unlimited use of dedicated desk pod
  • 24/7 Access
  • Dedicated Sit-stand Desk & Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Really really really fast internet
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Access to Hub events
Apply for Membership

* No payment details are collected in the application process.


$275.00 Per Month, AUD excl GST. Introductory
  • Part-time monthly membership
  • Limited to 7 days use per month
  • 24/7 Access
  • Shared Desk
  • Ergonomic sit stand stool
  • Really really really fast internet
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Access to Hub events
Apply for Membership

* No payment details are collected in the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

By applying am I locked into anything?

No. We don't collect payment details at this stage. You can withdraw your application at any time if you need to.

Is the Bootstrapper Membership open to small teams?

Yes, the membership is suitable for co-working teams of up to 4 people with discounts offered for multiple memberships.

How are applications assessed?

The assessment process reflects the Bootstrapper membership offering with criteria including technology fit, potential contribution to other Hub tenants and the talent development program as well as plans for growth.

How does payment work?

Memberships are billed monthly, in advance, via credit card.

Where can I find out more about the co-working terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are displayed as part of the membership sign up process.