Holiday Workshops
for Young Digital Talent

A godsend for parents with techie kids

This July school holiday, Noosa's tech-loving youngsters are in for an action-packed program of creating, inventing and having fun with the latest technology. The Hub's holiday program has a wide variety of courses for girls and boys, taught by some of the region's most talented teenage technologists.

Take your pick from robotics to 3D design & printing to making 3D game art to learning how to program AI. Details below. Calendar view here


The World Championship-winning Royal Robotics team will teach the ins and outs of RoboRave, the latest robotics competition to come to Australia.

We will learn how to obliterate the enemy in each of the RoboRave competitions, including The SumoBot Challenge, build robots to push other robots like real Sumo wrestlers, learning to build and program a strong and sophisticated robot!
Complete the Line Follow Challenge using the latest and most accurate line follow codes around, including advanced PID and self-adjusting code!
And finally, the Fire Fighter Challenge, extinguish real fires like a fireman, using intriguing and smart extinguish methods on well build robots!

Learn these skills over 2, 4 hour hands on sessions with world renowned international winning students as personal educators! Build and construct your own robots to complete RoboRave inspired challenges and then program using world leading coding techniques with real world applications!


Monday July 6th, 9am - 1pm
Tuesday July 7th, 9am - 1pm

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During the July holidays, ZEST Robotics is hosting a girls-only robotics workshop to teach young girls the essentials of building, programming and competing with a LEGO EV3 robot. Throughout the workshop, girls will develop outside the box thinking for creating their own personalised sumo competition robot.
In this fun workshop, girls will learn about building, programming and competing (in friendly robot battles!) with LEGO EV3 robots.

The second ZEST Girls workshop will teach the fundamentals of simple Engineering - exploring the role that shapes and materials have on bridges and buildings, plus sustainability principles.

Throughout the day we will focus on our core 5; resilience, friendly competition, cooperation, challenge and of course, fun. Our workshops are designed for beginner to intermediate girls, aged between 8-14. We'd love to meet you, so join us! We have one thing in common... Girl Power!

These workshops will be led by the inspiring young women at ZEST Robotics (Sarah, Ellie and Zara), Australia's champion girls robotics team.
Suited to girls aged 8-14 (beginners or intermediate level)


Wedsday July 1st, 9am - 1pm: Girls Robotics Workshop
Thursday july 2nd, 9am - 1pm: Girls Engineering Workshop

Robotics Workshop Engineering Workshop

3D design skills are now a superpower - you can dream up anything, design it in 3D and then 3D print it.

We will be conducting two workshops over Monday 29th June to Tuesday 30th, from 9AM to 12PM (3hrs). The Monday Workshop is the beginner course where we will be working on a few basic projects such as gift boxes and desk ornaments. The Tuesday workshop will be the intermediate workshop where the beginner steps will be covered, but with more complex projects such as race cars. Prior experience is not needed for either workshop. Ages grade 7 and above recommended.

Fusion 360 must be pre-installed prior to the workshop. For assistance with the installation, refer to this youtube link or feel free to contact us for assistance at

What you need:

- BYO Laptop with Fusion 360 software installed
- Computer mouse (recommended)
- Water Bottle


Monday 29th June from 9AM to 12PM - Beginner
Tuesday 30th June from 9AM to 12PM - Intermediate

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In this workshop, students will learn how to create 3D models, characters and scenes for games and entertainment.

These 3D design/art skills are in huge demand in multiple industries and unlock amazing creative potential.

Please book a ticket if you are genuinely keen to learn more advanced design & 3D modelling skills.

A computer is required for this course with the free Blender software installed.


Thursday 09 July, 9am to 1pm
Ages 10-15

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Programming Machine Learning algorithms is the most in-demand skill right now. It is a skillset used in robotics, medical research, automation, predictive data analytics, self-driving cars, you name it. If you have a maths whizz in the family, this is a brilliant way to get them introduced to the most exciting field in technology.

This brand new course is designed for specialist Maths students in Grades 10-12 and will be taught by Machine Learning / AI programming prodigy, Ben Szabo-Virag. Ben has designed an exciting crash course to get you up and running with Python programming, working with data and getting to grips with neural networks - the building blocks of machine learning systems.

Course Overview:

Note: While no previous Python programming experience is needed, students will need to be maths specialists to keep pace with the fundamentals covered in the course.

Day 1: Students will be introduced to artifical intelligence systems and very quickly get to training their first machine learning model which can identify objects using their laptop webcam. Then we'll use Google's Colab Notebooks to create a simple game using Python programming.

Day 2: Now that we have got the hang of Python programming we're going to create an environment for our game so that we can create an AI agent that learns to play the game by itself - just like Deepmind's AI learned to play Go and then beat the world champ.

Day 3: We're going to go deep into reinforcement learning - an approach where AI systems can learn behaviours through trial, error and reward. We'll start creating an agent that will teach itself to play our stickfighting game.

Day 4: Now that we've created a self-learning agent, we're going to train it to learn the game through reinforcement learning.

Day 5: It's time to unleash our self-taught Stickmen ninja's on eachother in a competition. Each of the course participants will get to test their agent against others in the class for prizes.


5 course sessions: Mon 6th - Fri 10th July, 2pm to 4pm each day. Suited to grades 10-12 maths specialists


This workshop is for any kid with big ideas, small ideas, or simply curious about the world and want to explore if there's a tech solution to their idea.

Taught by serial technology entrepreneur and super-mum, Raeleen Kaeehaagen, this is a creative, playful and inspirational approach to creative thinking and tech entrepreneurship.

Raeleen founded her first company, a retail management SaaS startup called Octahedron Software, at 22 years old, grew it to clients in 27 countries before selling it in 2017. She is now the founderof exciting local startup which enables people to find and book classes or activities in their local area.

The workshop will introduce kids to business and entrepreneurship, around the them, 'Wouldn't It Be Cool If..",

Aimed at kids 10+

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Gamer session open to boys and girls aged 13 and under. Playing the very educational game - Minecraft.

During the session the children have open play, and can choose to play multi player on the private server (only accessible to the kids in the group), play individually or play in pairs or small groups.

Curated by serial technology entrepreneur and super-mum, Raeleen Kaeehaagen, this is a great entry point to get kids starting to create with technology.

Bring: laptop, tablet or device with Minecraft.

Boys and Girls under 13

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