Virtual Production & Vfx

Creative Residency - 1-3 March 2021

Vfx at the Hub

Join us for a dive into the world of digital humans and virtual production - where cutting-edge technology is transforming film, tv, games, art and industry.

The meetups will include a number of digital human and virtual production demos where you can see and learn about the tech in a hands-on way.

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David Zwierzchaczewski

David Zwierzchaczewski has been working in the Film & TV and computer games industries for over 20 years. He first saw the potential of virtual production back in 2006 when he was cinematic director for Creative Assembly and then Sega, while working on the Total War franchise.

More recently, David managed the Australian side of the pre-visualisation for Xmen Dark Phoenix, where he helped to develop a 24 hour production cycle with the production crew in Montreal, using virtual production as the key pipeline. David was also the lead at Rock Star games, producing L.A. Noire, which won a BAFTA and was the bestselling game of its release year with over 899,000 copies sold in the USA.

Currently, David works at Autodesk as the animation specialist for the Media and Entertainment division covering the APAC region. With Autodesk being the largest supplier of software and pipeline technology in the film, TV and computer games industries and APAC being the fastest growing region for the media and entertainment business, David is in a unique position to see firsthand where the industry is headed while also understanding the artistic and technical requirements to produce award winning and cost competitive content.

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Residency Schedule

Mon, 1st March 12-5pm - Office hours mentoring sessions

Mon, 1st March 6 pm - Come and meet David at the Screen meetup

Tues, 2nd March 9am-5pm - Office Hours mentoring sessions

Weds, 3rd March 9am-5pm - Office Hours mentoring sessions

Weds, 3rd March 6 pm - Come and meet David at the Coding from Beach meetup

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